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Here are some albums that are completely awesome and that I listen to all the time in their entirety: (in no particular order)

1.  the Impossibles – Return

2.  Nada Surf – High/Low

3.  the Futureheads – self titled

4.  Ozma – Rock & Roll part III

5.  Rx Bandits – …And The Battle Begun

6.  Neutral Milk Hotel – In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

7.  Samiam – Astray

8.  Guided By Voices – Alien Lanes

It’s My Music. Get Your Own!

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So , I was thinking about music lately and how much there is in the world. There’s so many different styles, that it’ll make my head explode just trying to list them all. It made me wonder how anybody can say, “I like all music”. How can you? I guess people can, but I can’t.

There’s music for everybody and I do appreciate the talent, effort, and social movement of music; but I personally can’t enjoy all music. (maybe I was made differently? ) What I do believe is that there is music that can change and move people.

Here’s what I’m getting at:

I was born with Rock N’ Roll in my blood. From Elvis to the Beatles, to Led Zeppelin and Rx Bandits, it’s all good in my book. For some reason it makes my feet move, my head rock back and forth, and my hands bang on imaginary drums. I can’t explain it, but it takes control of my body and mind. In a good way.

So, to better understand me and my actions, I will periodically list and maybe review Artists, Albums, and our memories that we’ve shared together and how they’ve influenced me.

stay tuned, I’m feeling the Impossibles coming up soon…


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O.k. Folks,

So I took a sabbatical on this whole blog thing, but I’m back and I’m trying to do weekly updates if not more. Here are some upcoming things for the next couple months:

1.  Filming- check up on what I’m doing on film shoots

2.  Work- I work at an University for Art, I have some stories

3.  My thoughts- maybe…maybe not

4.  Music- yeah

So, check back often or whenever you feel like it…

Surplus stores, Blowouts, and Cleansings

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My day started off pretty good yesterday. I woke up at 8am, starting playing video games at 8:05am, and started eating breakfast at 8:30am. Then my roommate decided he wanted to go checkout some Army Surplus stores for his upcoming film. I don’t think I have seen so many military paraphernalia for sell all in one place. I felt like everyone who worked there was getting ready for a war. Strange.

After all that surplus store hoopla, I went back home and my roommate drove back to SF. So I started to play video games again and all was happy. UNTIL my dad called me and told me that he had gotten a flat tire on the highway. Talk about inconvenience, but it’s my Pop’s, so I picked him and fixed his tire. But the thing is that the car that had the flat tire was the car that I was going to use to drive to my friends house that afternoon.

Well, one phone call later my friends were at my door and we drove to Bakersfield. What a night full of tamales and Wii Resort.

But I feel sorry for my dad, because he was at home with my grandpa while he was “cleansing” the house. Crazy.

Anyway, I’ll let you know if I see any ghosts.

Going Home…

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So, my roommate decided to go location scouting this weekend at Lone Pine and I tagged along to get a ride home. (McFarland, CA) It took us 12 hours to get there on a 7 hour trip. We tried to drive through Yosemite, but found out that the road was closed during the winter. And by the way, it was below 40 degrees the whole way.

Anyway, we made it, traveled through Lone Pine, saw the sights, and drove to my parents house. What a long way to get to my house.

Ok, so it didn’t happen on the 19th. Sue me. Actually don’t.

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So, there has been a delay due to traveling and procrastinating and the forces of mother nature. The updates will start tomorrow, I promise!

Dec. 19th – Look Out!

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On December 19, This blog officially begins. So, check it out Man!